Interview transcripts needed?

Transcript Online provides high-quality audio transcripts. On this page you can find further information about the interview transcription process and about how we handle your data. 

We can transcribe your interviews from €2.40 per audio minute. For a clear overview of the costs we recommend you to request a qoute. 

Further information

Recording an interview

When conducting interviews it is important to consider how you will record the audio. First of all, it is important to reduce the amount of background noise as much as possible. Recording your audio in a quiet room increases the audio quality thus making it easier to transcribe the audio accurately.  

It is not necessary to buy a recorder, in most situations a phone works perfectly fine. A recorder may be a better option in case you are recording an interview or focus group with a lot of people in a big room. After recording your interview you can upload it directly via our platform. You do not need to wait until you have finished all of your interviews. 


Transcript Online delivers transcripts to universities throughout The Netherlands and Belgium. The following steps give an idea of the transcription process we offer:

1. First, please request a quote to receive a clear overview of the costs;
2. Within 15 minutes, we will send the quote to you by e-mail;
3. If you do not have any questions regarding the quote, you can start uploading your files right away;
4. You can complete your payment using iDEAL or creditcard, paying after receiving your transcripts is only possible for business clients;
5. Our transcribers will start as soon as possible;
6. Within the agreed upon delivery time your transcript will be available in Word-format via our website. 

Low-quality audio or unintelligible audioparts?

If the audio is of low quality, for instance because of background noise or problems with your recorder, we may need to add an extra fee as the transcriber will need more time to finish the transcript. 

Even if your audio is of high quality some words or sentences may not be fully intelligible. If this is the case we will make sure these words or sentences are easily recognizable. The words will be red and a time stamp will be provided to enable you to fill in the missing pieces. 

X: Can you tell me why your interviews …(0:01:30) by Transcript Online?

Or, when the transcriber is not sure whether they have used the correct word: 

X:  Can you tell us why you outsource the transcription process(0:01:30) by Transcript Online?

Of course, our transcribers try to limit this as much as possible. Moreover, the transcript will be checked by our experienced correctors to fill in the blanks.

Transcriptions in Word-format?

All transcripts are deliverd in Word-format to enable you to easily implement changes in your transcripts if necessary. Moreover, you can easily analyze the transcripts using AtlasTi and NVIVO. 

Confidentiality Agreement

To ensure confidential treatment of your data, your interviews and transcripts will be deleted from our server 60 days after completion of the transcript. Moreover, your interviews are available only to those transcribers actually working on the transcript. 

Additional or special requirements

Although our transcription methods are largely standardized to ensure high-quality transcripts, we are always willing to discuss possible additional requirements to meet your expectations. 

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