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Transcript Online is making interview transcriptions. We hope this page will provide you with more insight information about both the removal and recording process as much as the transcribe and analysing process.

Fortunately, you can outsource the labour-intensive transcribing task to parties such as Transcript Online. We will take care of all transcripts from € 1.15 per audio minute! For more information about our rates and services, you can non-committal request for a quote.

The preparations of interview questions

Even before you can start with the transcribing process of your interviews, an interview has to be conducted. The preparations process of interview questions is an important part because it is not desirable to approach the respondent afterwards for additional questions.

Before you can start brainstorming about potential questions, the purpose of the interviewsshould be very clear. When the purpose of the interview is clear, the time has come to choose what kind of structure you want to follow during the interview. There are three types of structure styles:

  • An open/unstructured interview
  • Semi-structured interview
  • Structured interview.

With a unstructured interview you have to set up a topic list, where you have to guard that every topic has been discussed. With semi-structured and structured interviews a questionnaire has been compiled prior the interview. The difference lies in the fact that you can differ from the way you formulate your questions and the particular order. With a structured interview, you have to ask all the questions in a fixed order in the same formulation.

The recording process

When you are planning to record an interview, it is very important to do this in a quiet room. To increase the quality of the interview, the background noise almost has to be non-existent. In this way, you will be sure that the interview can be transcribed in the best way possible.

High quality recordings contribute to a more efficient way of work. It will cost less time to transcribe an interview. There are different applications available to record an interview on both Android and Apple. For Android, we recommend to use Audio Recorder (more information: Audio recorder) and for Apple the Voice Recorder (more information: Voice Recorder). Furthermore, we often hear that our customers find it difficult to send their recordings from their phone to their laptop, which is why Transcript Online is working on the development of an own application. This application will make it possible to record and upload directly to our platform.

Transcriptions by Transcript Online

Transcript Online is the place to transcribe your interviews. We have offered transcriptions to almost every university in the Netherlands and we are now focussing on our expansion to the rest of Europe. This is how it works:

  1. Ask non-committal a quote for your transcriptions.
  2. Within 15 minutes, you will receive the quote by email.
  3. Upload the interviews through our secure server.
  4. You can do your payments via iDEAL or credit card. Post-pay is only possible for business customers.
  5. We start with the transcribing process of your interviews.
  6. Within the agreed delivery time, you can download the transcripts and invoices on the platform.

How are badly or unintelligible audio parts being handled?

What if we don’t understand what is being said during the interview? Then we will make sure that every piece is recognisable by making the unintelligible part red with the times listed behind. In 85% of the cases, we cannot hear the audio pieces because of background noises or when people have a heavy dialect. Because we use time quotations, we enable you to easily detect the particular unintelligible part and fill in the missing piece. Time quotations that show the unintelligible parts will be transcribed as followed:

X: Can you tell me why your interviews … (0:01:30) by Transcript Online?

When we think something has being said but we are not quite sure, it will look like this:

X:  Can you tell us why you outsource the transcription process (0:01:30) by Transcript Online?

Of course, we try as much as possible to prevent the red highlighted parts to showcase badly or unintelligible audio, because all transcripts are subsequently being checked by our most experienced transcribers. Blanks are being avoided in transcriptions.

Also you will make the life of the transcribers a lot easier when you upload a glossary with the associated interviews. This is recommended when interviews go very in depth about a specific field, whereby a lot of technical jargon can be used. 

Transcriptions in Word or RTF format?  

One of the most common questions we receive is how the transcriptions are being delivered. Although our transcribers use transcriptions software, we ensure you that all transcriptions are being delivered in a Word format. In this way, the transcripts can easily be loaded in analysis software programs such as AtlasTi and NVIVO

In addition to Word, we can also provide transcriptions in RTF formats. We work with a special software program called F4/F5, where we can make this possible. If you are interested in receiving transcripts in a RTF format, we recommended to mention this in your quote request. 

Confidentiality Statement

Transcript Online has always put effort to treat every data 100% confidential. To guarantee your client or your respondents that you are working with a reliable partner for your transcripts, we recommend you to request a confidentiality clause.

In a confidentiality statement, we declare that all interviews will be removed when the transcriptions are ready and the audio files and transcriptions will be not be shared with anybody else. In addition, we use a secure server to make sure nothing goes wrong while uploading your files.

Customized transcriptions

Although our service is largely standardized, we , at Transcript Online, are more than willing to make adjustments in the transcripts so it can fully meets your expectations.

Interested in a customized transcripts? Please do not hesitate to contact us via or +31 (010)-2600039.

Disciplines transcriptions

At Transcript Online, we have a wide range of transcribers at your service: from philosophy to technical engineering. When you place your quote request, you can easily specify in which field your interviews are in. In this way we can select transcribers wo work of have worked in the same field as the indicated field. Experience have shown that the quality of the interviews increase often.

Trying out our service with no strings attached?

Our answer: no problem! We gladly transcribe the first five minutes of your interview for free so you can have a clear image of what our transcripts look like. Ae you interested? Please email or call +31 (010)-2600039.

Transcripts in seven different languages

As you may already know, Transcript Online is not only focused on the Dutch market. We are also an active player in Scandinavia. This means that we deliver transcript in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish from the beginning of 2017. Curious about our Danish website? Please click here: Transskription Online.

Transcribing your own interviews?

Transcribing interviews is basically something you easily can do yourself, provided that you have enough time. If you are unexperienced with transcribing interviews, keep in mind that you can only transcribe 80 minutes per day. Even though this may seem as a small amount, it is a task that requires full concentration.

Fortunately, there is also transcription software available that will make this task a lot easier, for example Express Scribe and F4/F5. For more information about transcription software, click here: transcription software.

Curious how these kind of transcripts look like? Go to the following page example transcripts to download a number of examples.

Analyzing interviews

The analysis of transcripts is something that goes by a lot faster than transcribing interviews. There a numerous techniques you can use to analyse a transcript. Please note that there are many different ways to analyse transcripts. The techniques described below do not necessarily apply to your research.

1. Tagging transcripts

The first step, within the analysing process, is the assignment of labels. Concretely, this means that you summarize a text in one or two keywords, so you can easily compare different transcripts with each other. This step is often called ‘open coding’ 

2. Coding transcripts

After you have open coded two or more transcripts, you can start comparing the labels and look for similarities and differences. In this phase, labels can still be customized. This step is called ‘axial coding’.

3. From concept to theory

When you have arrived at the third phase, you try to combine several concepts together and develop your own theory. This step is called ‘selective coding’.

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