Example transcripts: verbatim, literal and extra literal

Transcript Online is the number one when it comes to transcribing interviews for (scientific) research. On this page, you can find further information and examples of verbatim, literal and extra literal transcripts.

In case you have any additional requirements, please let us know. We can provide transcripts tailored to your needs. 

Verbatim transcript

X: Could you tell me more about why you offer example transcriptions on your website?

Y: Sure. We have provided example interview transcripts our website in order to show the differences between each way of transcribing. By doing so, we allow customer to pick the transcription method that meets their demands. Each way of transcribing, as you probably know, fits another type of research. In the example transcripts customers can clearly see the difference between each type. 

X: Okay. Could you tell a little bit more about the various ways of transcribing and creating interview transcriptions and the example transcripts?

Y: Of course. A verbatim transcript can be best used if one is purely interested in what is being said. Concretely this means that the customer is not interested in the ehm’s and ehr’s, but only analyses whole words and sentences. Therefore we do not include the ehm’s and eh’rs in verbatim transcripts. By the way, customers can also download example interview transcripts on our website in a PDF format.   

When to choose a verbatim transcript?

•      In case of informal conversations;

•      When the transcript will be used for internal purposes;

•      When it is important what a respondent is saying rather than how someone is saying it.


Literal transcript

X: Okay. Um, so, and what about literal transcriptions then? 

Y: Yeah, um... Well, literal transcriptions are mostly used for scientific research or legal matters. Because, um, in those circumstances, as you can imagine, it is important that all the details, that really everything, um, is included. As you, do you, you can imagine this decreases the readability of the transcripts. But a literal transcript- It gives a better understanding of how the conversation took place.

X: Yes, no, yes, I can imagine ehm. But, uh, what about with, uh, transcriptions for studies related to languages? You got a, uh, an example perhaps?

When to choose a literal transcript?

•       The discussion or interview is formal;

•       The transcript will be used for scientific (language) research;

•       The transcripts will be used for legal purposes.


Extra literal transcript

Y: (laughs) Yes, no, uh, of course I do. For, um, a large university in Rotterdam we have, um, contributed to a study related to language use among teachers. As you can imagine um, that is a serious matter.

X: Yeah, no, of course.

Y: But, eh. (silence) This research is obviously, eh, confidential. I cannot tell you anything about that project.

X: No, uh, of course. Do you have an example transcription?

Y: Sure. The sample transcript can be downloaded as a PDF.

When to choose an extra literal transcript?

•       The transcription will used for scientific (language) research;

•       Emotions such as laughter and sighs are significant;

•       There is a strong focus on interaction.


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