What is transcribing?

Transcribing interviews is converting audio to text and is often done as part of scientific research. In addition, there are different forms of transcribing, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The standard version is a verbatim transcription in which everything that is said, is converted to text. However, stop words like uh’s and uhm’s, repetitions and meaningless consents of the interviewer are omitted. Wondering at what rates we can work out your interviews? Request a quote without any obligation!

Transcribing: How does it work?

Transcribing interviews is a tedious task. Therefore, it is a task that people like to oursource. To make this as easy for you as possible, we have listed the steps that will get you through the entire process.  

1. You request a non-binding quote for transcribing the interviews;
2. You will receive the quote within 15 minutes in your mailbox, containing the prices we charge for transcribing interviews;
3. You agree with the quote and you send the files via our secured server (upload audio)
4. We begin transcribing your audio recordings;
5. As a private customer you pay in advance via iDEAL, credit card, Bancontact/ Mister Cash or PayPal;
6. The transcripts are made available within our platform within the specified delivery time.

How fast is Transcript Online?

Transcript Online is committed to transcribe your interviews as fast as possible, where we apply a standard delivery time of three to five working days. 

Do you need the fully worked-out transcriptions earlier? That's no problem! Transcript Online also offers an emergency supply service for which we charge an additional fee. Wondering how much extra we charge for urgent deliveries? Please call us on +31 010-2600039 or request a quote.

Are the transcripts in no hurry? Then you can use our delivery period of ten to fifteen days, which will give you a discount on the price per minute of five cents per audio minute. That may not sound like a good deal, but for larger jobs this can soon add up to a hefty discount. 

Why transcribe interviews?                                          

·       Time-saving. Transcribing one hour of audio easily takes between three to six hours of work. If we are transcribing your interviews, then you can put your valuable time in the rest of your research.

·       You save on costs. Since Transcript Online is transcribing interviews on a very large scale, so we can provide the transcription services at very favorable rates. (it is often way cheaper than if you were to organize it yourself.)

·       Data collection. Even though it may seem that you have remembered everything that was said in the interview, you will notice that much more information is gathered when the audio files are transcribed.

Why choose for Transcription Online?

·       Years of experience. Transcript Online is one of the most experienced players in the field of transcribing. We transcribe seven days a week, in eight different countries.

·       Customer-oriented. From the start, Transcript Online has had a very strong focus on customer satisfaction. Providing the best transcriptions in combination with excellent customer care has resulted in being one of the biggest players in the market right now.

·       Accuracy. You're as good as your last assignment: that's our motto. That is why we exclusively work with the best transcribers, so we can deliver highly accurate transcriptions.

·       Reliability. Transcribing audio recordings is an important task. That's why a secure storage of your data is our top priority.

Transcribing interviews for a(n) (graduation) assignment at the university?

Even then you can contact Transcript Online. On top of the fact that we guarantee to deliver you high quality transcripts, you can also benefit from the student discount. Wondering how much transcribing costs? Click here to request a quote.

Transcribing for doctoral research?

Transcript Online specializes in transcribing interviews for doctoral research. We already have been transcribing a large number of interviews for doctoral research, and that number is still increasing significantly every day.

On our platform it is possible to add glossaries and specific instructions to your audio recordings, so that our team knows which abbreviations and terms they should use. This has proven to increase the quality of the transcripts and customer satisfaction significantly.

For more information about transcribing for doctoral research, please click here: interview transcripts for doctoral research.

Transcribe and confidentially?

Transcription Online understands better than anyone that the content of the transcripts and audio files are confidential. That is why we can draw up a non-disclosure agreement, free of charge, in which we declare to share the files with none other than the employees of Transcript Online. Are you interested in that? Please let us know when requesting the quote.

On top of the non-disclosure agreement, you are making use of our secured server, through which you can upload the recordings. You will also see a green padlock in the address bar of your browser. This means that you are on an extra secured HTTPS connection, where companies such as iDEAL, PayPal and the national government also make use of.

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