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We will send you your quote immediately. Did you ask for a quote for more than 5 hours of audio?  Or do you want your files delivered within 48 working hours? In that case we will contact you per email with additional questions within a workday.

Ways of implementation

In case of a verbatim transcript, all errs, repeats and catchphrases are left out. This creates a transcript that is easy to read. This is not only the most common option, but also the cheapest.

In case of a literal transcript all errs, repeats and fillers are implemented. This alternative is often chosen in case of scientific research.

In case of a literal extra transcript laughter and meaningless agreement by the interviewer (such as yes’s and ahu’s) are also implemented. 

Please take a look here for more elaborate information on the different transcription methods. 

Time stamps per minute 

Time stamps per minute or per 5 minutes easily enable you to find certain parts of the transcripts in your audio file. A time stamp will be included at the end of a sentence after one or 5 minutes by [1min], [2min], [3min] and is followed by a blank line. 

Time stamp per minute: + €0,20 p/m

Time stamp per 5 minutes: + €0,15 p/m

More than three speakers

In case your audio files contains four or more speakers we will charge an additional €0.25 per audio minute. 

Important: In this case no distinction is made between the different respondents or different interviewers. They will all be indicated by the same abbreviation (X or Y), but a blank line is left in between if another respondent takes over the conversation. If you do need the distinction between different speakers, we can offer this as well for an extra fee. Please contact us in advance to discuss this option.

Words per minute

Files in which is spoken quickly, require more work and thus more time of our transribers. We therefore allow a maximum of 180 words per minute. When this amount is exceeded an additional fee of €0,25 p/m will be charged.

We will not accept audio files in which the speed has been altered.

Clarification on discounts

In some cases we offer a discount on your project: 

  • The project exceeds 600 audio minutes.
  • Delivery time of 10 to 15 working days.

In both cases we give a discount of  €0,05 p/m


Confidentiality agreement

Transcript Online understands that all of your audio files are strictly confidential and should be treated as such. That is the reason why all of our employees have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, in which they declare not to share any data with anyone but employees at Transcript Online.

In order to guarantee confidentiality towards your respondents, it is possible to have a Non-disclosure Agreement drawn up, free of charge. 


Retention period

Transcriptie Online saves your audio files and transcripts for 60 days after delivery of your transcript. After 60 days we will automatically delete your uploaded files and transcripts.

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