Interview transcripts for your PhD?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to transcribe your interviews for your doctoral research? Transcript Online has extensive experience in transcribing audio for (scientific) research purposes.

Outsourcing interview transcripts and the security of your data

Treating your data in a confidential matter is our top priority. To ensure respondents you are working with a professional and secure transcription service, we can create a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) free of charge. Your audio is accessible only for the employee transcribing your interview. All of our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement and you can easily upload your recording directly on our website. 

Uploading audio recordings via a protected server

Since 2016, Transcript Online has a completely secured environment for both customers and employees, where the files can be stored and accessed. When your transcript is you will receive a notification by email and your transcript is available for download via our platform. 

Encrypted HTTPS connection

Our website makes sure all data is encrypted by using a HTTPS-connection. 

Anonymization of (company) names

Is it important for you to anonymize the names of individuals or companies in the interview transcript? Then it is best to indicate this in advance. Because this differs from our standard working method, we ask a fee for this.

Another option is that we include the (company) names in the transcript, but shade them in yellow so that you can remove them yourself afterwards. In this way you can see which company or person is mentioned in which context, but you can also easily remove it from the transcript afterwards. Because this differs from our standard working method, we ask a fee for this.

Limited number of eyes

Your audio files and associated transcripts are only shared with the transcribers and reviewer who actually work out the file.

Are you conducting interviews over a longer period of time?

You can upload your interviews all at once or choose to upload them in batches. Our platform automatically creates projects enabling you to bundle your interviews and giving you a clear overview of the transcription stages in which your files currently are. 

Billing through the university

We can send the invoices directly to your University. You can easily pass on the invoice details via our platform. Please note that before you can start uploading, we need all your account information complete and correct. This also includes a purchase order number / WBS number or cost center number. If you have further questions about this, it is best to contact us.

Quality control

The quality of the transcripts we deliver is very important to us. To ensure high quality your interview is not only transcribed by one of our employees, but also checked by on of our experienced correctors.  

Do you have specific requirements for your transcripts? Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities. The extra instructions will be passed on to both the transcriber and the corrector to fully meet your demands. 

And if, for any reason whatsoever, the transcript does not meet your requirements, you can always contact us through our contact form, e-mail or by phone +31 (0) 10-26000 39. Our team is always open to feedback and, if necessary, we can make adjustments to implement your feedback.

Tailored transcripts

If you are looking for a clear overview of the types of transcripts we offer, please take a look here. If the standard methods do not meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities. Please do keep in mind that we may need to add an extra fee for the extra instructions. 

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Protected server
We will send you a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) free of charge.

Adjustable transcripts
Changes can be implemented easily, as all transcripts are available in Word-format.

Quote within 15 minutes
You can start uploading your audio files right away.

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